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What people say...

Some of our customer feedback:

Thanks for your efforts. Report is fantastic and great amount of detail, more than I expected and you’ve certainly picked up quite a few things I could not have which I will raise with the builder. Appreciate your efforts and this is certainly money well spent from my perspective. 
I will read through again and may contact with a couple of questions but it all is fairly clear. 
Did my payment go through btw? Should have but just want to confirm. I signed today for the place FYI. 
As a side note – if I need a builder for any work in future might you be interested or do you stick to larger Sydney jobs? Always good to have a contact in the area! 

Our reports will reflect what we see externally, internally and room by room so that you can be assisted in making decisions about your purchase or sale.

We will always attempt to have an inspection carried out in a reasonable time frame subject to the property access. Reports are then complied and will be sent electronically to you thereafter.

Our services

Our services include :

• Building Inspection

• Dilapidation Reports

• Scope Development

• Works Estimating

• Project Management

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