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The CANBERRA Building Inspection Company Timber Frame Pest Inspection Agreement is Outlined Below

In this agreement – The Design Construct & Import Company t/as The Canberra Building Inspection Company is defined here as “The Company”

The client is defined / referred to as – “the client” or “you” or “your representative”.

Note: Upon ordering an inspection you acknowledge and agree that you have read the information below. At the conclusion you must tick the acceptance box and then continue to the online booking and payment page for the booking of your inspection.

Please note that The Canberra Building Inspection Company (The Company) provides residential building and pest inspections to Australian Standards. For pest inspections the company refers to  AS 4349.3 – 1998 when engaged by yourself or your representative. Legally all pre-purchase inspections also must have a pre-engagement agreement accepted by yourself or representative such as a solicitor or conveyance person before commencement of the inspection works. This is a requirement to comply with Australian Standards and State Legislation as it is called up along with insurance provider requirements.

You have ordered a Timber Frame Pest inspection report for either the pre purchase or pre sale of a residential property. This is different from a Building report.

The company will perform the inspection of the Building as outlined in the Australian Standards AS 4349.3- 1998 Part 3.

Standards Australian produce and review a wide variety of standards for many industries. The identified standards here are applicable to the inspections you have ordered. You can purchase these standards documents from the web page shown here:

Once you have placed an order for an inspection, the company will arrange a time to visit the property and carry out the works. The report will be produced and provided in electronic format by email to you, normally 48 to 72 hours after the inspection. In some cases we can expedite this depending on bookings. Reports are not released until full payment is received. The online booking form allows prepaying for the report to assist in speeding up report delivery. EFT transfers are accepted and reports will be sent upon clearance of funds.

The Scope of the works and the report the company will provide to you:

The inspection will be carried out in accordance with AS 4349.3 – 1998 Part 3 Timber Pest Inspections.

The aim of the report is to provide information to a purchaser with regard to the condition of the property at the date / time  of the inspection as far as it can be assessed under the guidelines of Australian Standards.

You can purchase these standard documents from the web page shown here:

Please note that AS 3660.2 – 2000 describes that termite inspections for pre purchase inspections is not ideal and that AS 4349.3 – 1998 should be used Termite Inspections per AS 3660.2 – 2000 are not recommended for pre-purchase inspections. AS 3660.2-2000 states this and says that the standard that should be used is AS 4349.3-1998. If you engage the company for a pre purchase timber and frame inspection the company will be referencing AS 4349.3-1998.

The inspection report will be a non–invasive visual in nature inspection, and limited to areas of the property where reasonable access is available at the time of the inspection. Mechanical touching, tapping and some timber splinter testing ( only in the case of the actual home owner requesting the investigation ) will be used. The aim being to locate hollowed out or affected termite attacked timber framing. A moisture meter may be used where walls back onto wet rooms and areas to check on waterproofing integrity. It may also be used if there is an indication of damp on other walls or areas.

Please note again that the non–invasive visual inspection will be limited to areas and sections of the property to which safe and reasonable access is available and achievable on the day of the works. If the company are unable to access those areas because of obstructions, restrictions or areas being unsafe and or restrictive as defined in the referenced standards, they will be excluded from the report. If later access is provided the company can re investigate for an extra return fee to inspect and amend the report. Note we do not remove or engage in mechanical removal of hatches or obstructions such as furniture etc to obtain visual access to areas. If the company is inspecting a rental occupied property or vendor property that has an item obstruction stopping the visual inspection access. The client must request from the vendor a letter advising whether they are aware of any issues being concealed by the obstructing items and or inaccessibility that may conceal previous repairs or building issues. The client acknowledges that no liability will be held against the company for this situation regardless of the vendor providing or not providing verification.  If invasive inspection is required that requires areas of structure to be removed that would require a separate contract and costs in addition to this timber frame pest inspection being carried out.

The inspection Report – Scope

The inspection report will be based on the discovery and/or non discovery, of termite infestation, current or past damage caused by termites (white ants, there are several species), borers and wood decay fungi / rot present at the time of the inspection.

If evidence of termite activity was discovered ( old or new) in a pre sale inspection and the report has been requested by the client, the client should then approach the vendor and find out if there had been any corrective treatment applied while they had the property. Then the client should obtain a letter identifying that situation for their own records and make an assessment as to proceed with the purchase subject to the possible costs to repair. If a pre sale inspection for a vendor, the client is advised to seek professional pest control advice and also organise an invasive inspection around the property to verify the extent of damage. The company does not carry out pest extermination therefore the client will need to engage a pest contractor to address the issues noted.

Mould and is not considered as a pest. Their spores may cause health problems or allergic reactions such as asthma and dermatitis in some people. The company does not inspect and or test for mould. If there appears to be a mould problem, testing from a professional hygienist should be sought and possible further invasive inspection carried out as a separate contract to assist in finding the cause.

The inspection report will identify any discovered and visually seen areas that have been inspected. If areas cannot be seen easily or only partially the company cannot guarantee that termite activity is or is not active. Timber members can in some instances be affected but still seem sound on their exterior while others may be completely eaten out and fragile. It is the aim of the report to visually and where contact can be made tap and apply pressure to locate any activity. If damage is located notes will be provided on the location and as far as is practicalable the extent of what can be seen.  If termite activity past or currently live is discovered the client must treat the issue very seriously as the structural integrity of the whole building may be at stake eventually if not corrected.

Should you think that you may have a compliant against the company at some point.

Should you the client feel that you have a dispute or claim against the company over the report. You agree to notify us in writing and allow 14 business days for us to respond. This notification applies to both the client and the company should we have issue with the client. If a result is not reached or agreed upon thereafter it is agreed that parties can refer the issue to the Institute of Arbitrators who will appoint an Arbitrator to resolve the dispute. Should litigation be brought against the company you agree to indemnify the company for any legal costs and fees and damages where you have at first not given the company the chance to further inspect and access the particular issue.

You agree the company will not be liable for the use of our reports by any other person, organisation, representative or third party.

i.e. Any third party entity that uses our report without the companies permission. You, the client, and or your representative are the holders of the report and it is expressly created for your use only. The company reserves the right to use the report in the future subject to amending and further site checks should the client not proceed with a the purchase and or sale. The client will hold the company harmless of any third party utilising the report without the companies written approval to do so. The client or their representative is NOT to provide the report to any other purchaser or third party. If that third party requires a copy they must be directed to the company to allow us the opportunity to sell the revised report to that client and re confirm any changes in circumstance that the report may now requiring amending against. The client will be liable for any costs and or damages brought against the company if they provide a copy of the report to a third party and issues arise.

ACT  Clients Note: Pre sale building reports by the vendor:

Within Canberra (The ACT), the Civil Law Act 2003 and Civil Law (Sale of Residential Property Regulations 2004) an inspection report may be given to the purchaser as part of the sale subject to it being not more then three months old before the sale is listed, but not more than six months old since its writing.

It is the clients responsibility to understand the definitions and the Australian Standards that the company is working with to assess the property. While this document provides an over view, and the report we provide is compliant to the requirements, clients if requiring more information should purchase the identified standards and further review them to understand the limits of report recording.

Definitions to assist the clients understanding.

Australian Standards: Documents are produced by industry and Government expert representatives for the use of industry to be guided in the execution of a wide range of tasks industry wide.

Access hole (man hole cover) is an opening in the ceiling area or structure somewhere to allow for safe easy entry to execute visual inspections.

Accessible: means safe and reasonable entry is available to allow a person to inspect the areas within.

Building assessment: Buildings are compared with a typical residential or if applicable commercial buildings that were constructed in line with the accepted practice of the approximate time. This enables a baseline for observations to be made against.

Building Element or elements: means a part of a construction that is either stand alone by itself, or in combination with other such parts, i.e.…a brick front fence is a stand alone element, a kitchen combines joinery, plumbing and say electrical.

Client or You or Your means the person(s) or representative or legal entity for which the inspection work is carried for. If ordered by the clients agent it is agreed that the agent represents the client and has the authority to act for and on their behalf.

Defects means a fault or observed variation from the original  or intended condition of the item. Ie…a wall should be flat over its area but if an large warp / bow is observed in its surface this may indicate issues in the substructure. If would be inspected and noted and would be a defect at the time of the inspection. Note a major defect if noted requires proactive action as it maybe unsafe or as an example maybe require rectification to stop water egress into the building interior. A minor defect if list might be a dripping tap.

Property when refereed to: is / are the structures and boundary areas up to thirty meters from the exterior walls of the main building but within the boundaries of the land on which the main building is erected.

Report – Inspection report / Building report, Timber Pest Report means the document in hard copy or electrically as PDF and or any attachments sent to you by the company.

Safe and Reasonable Access is clearly defined in the standards and does not include the use of destructive or invasive methods or the moving furniture or other items or appliances and general house fixed non fixed elements. AS 4349.3  again defines inspection parameters.


You, the client hereby agree that by accepting this agreement  that you have read and understand the scope of what the company will provide and that the inspection will be carried out in accordance with what has been described. You agree to pay for the inspection on or before delivery of the report by our online payments or by EFT which will require clearing of funds before the report is provided to you. Please note inspections will not be booked unless the approved text box is checked agreeing to the terms described, this includes booking on the web or by using our hard copy booking documents which must be signed and returned before bookings are accepted.

Please note: If you request additional inspections for work scopes outside the building / framing or Pest reports as quoted at the time that you will incur additional expenses in regard to the cost of those inspections.

Please note hard copies printed and bound and sent by express post will incur extra fees. Delivery is normally done by email in PDF format.

If booking direct by phone you will still be required to sign and fill out a hard copy of the above terms and return to the office so that bookings and payment can be arranged.

Professional providers acting on behalf of clients can either book directly on line or call.

Signed acceptances of the above terms will always  be required before any bookings are accepted.