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The CANBERRA Building Inspection Company Agreement With You is Outlined Below

In this agreement – The Design Construct & Import Company t/as The Canberra Building Inspection Company is defined here as “The Company” The client is defined / referred to as – “the client” or “you” or “your representative”.

In this agreement The Design Construct & Import Company t/as The Canberra Building Inspection Company is defined here as The Company

The client is defined / referred to as the client or you or your representative.Note: Upon ordering an inspection you acknowledge and agree that you have read the information below. At the conclusion you must tick the acceptance box and then continue to the online booking and payment page for the booking of your inspection.

Please note that The Canberra Building Inspection Company (The Company) provides residential building inspections to Australian Standards AS 4349.1 – 2007 and timber pest inspections AS 4349.3 when engaged by yourself or your representative. Legally all pre-purchase inspections also must have a pre-engagement agreement accepted by yourself or representative such as a solicitor or conveyance person before commencement of the inspection works. This is a requirement to comply with Australian Standards and State Legislation as it is called up along with insurance provider requirements.

You have ordered a building inspection report for either the pre purchase or pre sale of a residential property.

The company will perform the inspection of the Building as outlined in the Australian Standards Appendix C of AS4349.1 – 2007. Note that Strata titled properties require inspections to be accordance of Appendix B of standard AS4349.1 – 2007.

Standards Australian produce and review a wide variety of standards for many industries. The identified standards here are applicable to the inspections you have ordered. You can purchase these standard documents from the web page shown here:

Once you have placed an order for an inspection, the company will arrange a time to visit the property and carry out the works. The report will be produced and provided in electronic format by email to you, normally 48 to 72 hours after the inspection. In some cases we can expedite this depending on bookings. Reports are not released until full payment is received. The online booking form allows prepaying for the report to assist in speeding up report delivery. EFT transfers are accepted and reports will be sent upon clearance of funds.

The Scope of the works and the report the company will provide to you:

As stated above the Inspection will be carried out in accordance with AS 4349.1 – 2007. The aim of the report is to provide information to a purchaser with regard to the condition of the property at the date / time  of the inspection.

The inspection will be made up of the items listed in the Australian Standard – Appendix C to AS4349.1 -2007 for the structures within 30 meters of the main building and only within the site boundaries which includes fences. Areas for Inspection shall cover all safe and accessible areas. 

Subject to safe and reasonable access for the Inspection, the company will report on the condition of each of the main following areas: in addition to the other requirements listed within the standards.

  • Building interior
  • Building roof void where accessible
  • Building exterior
  • Building subfloor where accessible
  • Building roof exterior where accessible

The company will list identified major defects that are clearly visible on the date and time of the inspection. The issued report will also provide a overall assessment of the property and also comment on minor defects which would normally form part of what can be regarded as property maintenance.

When / if the company identify a major defect, we will provide a probable overview as to why it may have occurred and specify its location. If identified and structural, electrical or other in nature, advice may be given for the client seek further external professional opinion from engineers or appropriate experts with the specified field.

Our scope of what we  will investigate.

The company will conduct a non–invasive visual inspection which will be limited to areas and sections of the property to which safe and reasonable access is available and achievable on the day of the works. If the company are unable to access those areas because of obstructions, restrictions or areas being unsafe and or restrictive as defined in the referenced standards, they will be excluded from the report. If later access is provided we can re investigate for an extra return fee to inspect and amend the report. Note the company do not remove or engage in mechanical removal of hatches or obstructions such as furniture etc to obtain visual access to areas. If the company is inspecting a rental occupied property or vendor property that has item obstruction stopping the visual inspection access. The client must request from the vendor a letter advising whether they are aware of any issues being concealed by the obstructing items and or inaccessibility that may conceal previous repairs or building issues. The client acknowledges that no liability will be held against the company for this situation regardless of the vendor providing or not providing verification.

The company inspects buildings by looking at the visual issues and structure as it would correlate to similar constructed buildings of the era, with the same class of building. The assumptions are made against building practices of that era as far as is practicable. Essentially the report is identifying status of the materials and current condition along with identifiable structural faults if they are visually available to be seen. No internals of walls or areas where visual inspections are unable to be accessed will be included in the report. If access to these areas is required you will need to engage a builder or trade and possibly an engineer or architect to provide further advice separate to this report at your own cost.

The supplied report is NOT a certificate verifying compliance of the property. The report will not assess the construction against Australian Standards ( excluding the inspection AS standards as a guide for our inspection works ) We do not provide in depth comparisons or suggestions to current or past building codes such as  The BCA, any gazetted regulations or state or federal laws, ordinances, council laws, insurance assessments, warranties, and or developing future problems of the building other then as general informative notes.

The supplied report will NOT report on Timber Pest Activity as a general fact unless it is an obvious position to be seen. If you require a pest and timber frame assessment / report, it must be engaged as either a separate or combined option with the building report. This inspection would be carried out in accordance with AS 4349.3-1998 Timber Pest Inspections.

The supplied report will NOT be investigating the existence of mildew, mould, dry rot, borers, general wood decay of fungi as a general fact, if it is seen in the visual inspection it will be noted as an observation. The extent of the issue may require other professionals to be engaged by you to further investigate the extent. This could involve a builder, trades person or hygienist to inspect and provide advice on the extent and cause to allow rectification.If you require a Timber Pest Inspection it would be booked as an extra or combined inspection and carried out in accordance with AS 4349.3 – 1998.

Asbestos Presence / Scope & Works Estimating on the property.

The supplied report will NOT identify asbestos as a definite fact, though we may provide a note that we have identified an item that may contain asbestos. The client would be required to engage a professional to further test samples and confirm if it s present. Note that asbestos can be contained in old fibro, floor vinyl, roof insulation, electrical meter boards, concrete sheet under flooring, eve linings, pipe lagging, electrical insulation and other items, these are  just examples.

It is recommended that if you think that a house you are purchasing is old and may contain asbestos that you should seek further advice as renovation costs can be increased based upon the amount of asbestos removal required.

The report supplied does NOT supply estimates for renovation or alteration works. Though we are licensed builders and can provide this service we generally regard it as a conflict of interest. We do however provide  a project management and or estimating service for design and construction should that be required at a future date as a separate engagement from the earlier building inspection .

The supplied report will NOT cover or report the items listed in Appendix D to AS4349.1-2007.

The standard lists items such as: footings below ground, concealed damp courses, electrical and communication installations, concealed plumbing, adequacy of roof drainage, gas fittings and fixtures, air conditioning, automatic garage door mechanisms, swimming pools and the supporting fixtures such as filter systems, operation of fire places etc, alarm and intercom systems, soft floor coverings, electrical appliances, paint coatings except external protective coatings, health hazards, timber and metal framing compliance, concealed tie downs and bracing, landscaping, rubbish, floor coverings, furniture & accessories, stored items, insulation, environmental compliances such as Basix, water tanks, BCA compliances, energy and lighting efficiency.

If the supplied report is for a strata or similar, the company will only inspect the interior and immediate exterior of the unit. Please refer for a detailed description Appendix B in AS4349.1-2007. It is recommended that the client obtain a separate report of the common areas before to any decision to purchase is finalised. This would be a separately engaged and quoted report.

The supplied report will NOT list defects which may not be readily observed because of weather conditions at the time of the inspection. Note that rain at various intensities, heat and wind may affect observations. What will be recorded will be based on conditions at the time of the inspection.

For our company to carry out the works / inspection for you, the client, we require you to agree and accept that we would not be liable for our non reporting of a defect that was concealed / accidently or on purpose by the property owner or tenant of the building being inspected. You as the client agree to indemnify the company for any failure to find such defects.

The company accepts no liability if you fail to engage additional expert advice if we advise you to do so. Any losses incurred by the client because they did not proceed with further investigations whether non invasive or invasive ie…removing sections of walls, X-raying areas or exposing ground areas, before or after contract exchanges means that you will hold harmless the company and accept all liability.

Should you think that you may have a compliant against the company at some point.

Should you the client feel that you have a dispute or claim against the company over the report. You agree to notify us in writing and allow 14 business days to respond. This notification applies to both the client and the company, should we have issue with the client. If a result is not reached or agreed upon thereafter it is agreed that parties can refer the issue to the Institute of Arbitrators who will appoint an Arbitrator to resolve the dispute. Should litigation be brought against the company you agree to indemnify the company for any legal costs and fees and damages where you have at first not given the company the chance to further inspect and access the particular issue.

You agree the company will not be liable for the use of our reports by any other person, persons, representative or  organisation.

ie… A third party entity that uses our report without the companies permission. You, the client and or your representative are the holders of the report and it is expressly created for your use only. The company reserves the right to use the report in the future subject to amending and further site checks should the client not proceed with a the purchase and or sale. The client will hold the company harmless of any third party utilising the report without the companies written approval to do so. The client or their representative is NOT to provide the report to any other purchaser or third party. If that third party requires a copy they must be directed to the company to allow us the opportunity to sell the revised report to that client and re confirm any changes in circumstance that the report may now requiring amending against. The client will be liable for any costs and or damages brought against the company if they provide a copy of the report to a third party and issues arise.

ACT Clients Note: Pre sale building reports by the vendor:

Within Canberra (The ACT), the Civil Law Act 2003 and Civil Law (Sale of Residential Property Regulations 2004) an inspection report may be given to the purchaser as part of the sale subject to it being not more then three months old before the sale is listed, but not more than six months old since its writing.

It is the clients responsibility to understand the definitions and the Australian Standards that the company is working with to assess the property. While this document provides an over view, and the report we provide is compliant to the standards requirements, clients, if requiring more information should purchase the identified standards and further review them.

Definitions to assist the clients understanding.

Australian Standards: Documents are produced by industry and Government expert representatives for the use of industry to be guided by in the execution of a wide range of tasks industry wide.

Access hole (man hole cover) is an opening in the ceiling area or structure somewhere to allow for safe easy entry to execute visual inspections.

Accessible: means safe and reasonable entry, animist be  available to allow a person to inspect the areas within.

Building assessment: Buildings are compared with a typical residential or if applicable commercial buildings that were constructed in line with the accepted practice of the approximate time. This enables a baseline for observations to be made against.

Building Element or elements: means a part of a construction that is either stand alone by itself, or in combination with other such parts, i.e.…a brick front fence is a stand alone element, a kitchen combines joinery, plumbing and say electrical.

Client or You or Your means the person(s) or representative or legal entity for which the inspection work is carried for. If ordered by the clients agent it is agreed that the agent represents the client and has the authority to act for and on their behalf.

Defects means a fault or observed variation from the original  or intended condition of the item. Ie…a wall should be flat over its area but if a large war or bow is observed in its surface this may indicate issues in the substructure. It would be inspected and noted and would be a defect at the time of the inspection. Note a major defect if noted requires proactive action as it maybe unsafe or as an example maybe require rectification to stop water egress into the building interior. A minor defect if listed might be a dripping tap.

Property when refereed to: is / are the structures and boundary areas up to thirty meters from the exterior walls of the main building but within the boundaries of the land on which the main building is erected.

Report – Inspection report / Building report means the document in hard copy or electrically as PDF and or any attachments sent to you by the company.

Safe and Reasonable Access is clearly defined in the standards and does not include the use of destructive or invasive methods or the moving furniture or other items or appliances and general house fixed non fixed elements. AS 4349.1-2007 again defines inspection parameters.


You, the client hereby agree that by accepting this agreement  that you have read and understand the scope of what the company will provide and that the inspection will be carried out in accordance with what has been described. You agree to pay for the inspection on or before delivery of the report by our online payments or by EFT which will require clearing of funds before the report is provided to you. Please note inspections will not be booked unless the approved text box is checked agreeing to the terms described, this includes booking on the web or by using our hard copy booking documents and returning signed prior to the inspection.

Please note: If you request additional inspections for work scopes outside the building / framing or Pest reports as quoted at the time that you will incur additional expenses in regard to the cost of those inspections.

Please note hard copies printed and bound and sent by express post will incur extra fees. Delivery is normally done by email in PDF format.

If booking direct by phone you will still be required to sign and fill out a hard copy of the above terms and return to the office so that bookings and payment can be arranged. We prefer clients to book and pay through the web service provided.

Professional providers acting on behalf of clients can either book directly on line or call.

Signed acceptances of the above terms will always  be required before any bookings are accepted. Please tick the acceptance box and provide all contact details on the ordering page.